Our Mission

Norton Baptist Church places a high value on the teaching of the Bible, as we believe it to be the inerrant Word of God that can change our hearts if we would repent and trust its message. The Bible is one of the most ancient books in the world, and it has global interest.  The Bible’s message about finding freedom from enslavement of sin also fits in the great tradition of poets and philosophical literature. Along with its spiritual content, the Bible is also a valuable historical source.

We have both local and on-line educational programs that we offer to the Dutch- and Afrikaans speaking people of both Norton, NB and across the globe.  Please refer to this link to access our online Bible-study resources.

We collect no donations online, but should you be willing to visit our worship services, please refer to this link.

Our mega goal is to promote inter-religious dialogue between the main world religions in an open and friendly and informed format.